Our Staff

Committed, Friendly Veterinary Team in Moore, OK

Since 1972, Silver Leaf Animal Hospital has had a tradition of providing compassionate, high-quality care to pets in Moore, OK and the surrounding areas. Our experienced, animal-loving team has the expertise needed to perform a wide range of services , from comprehensive examinations to surgeries to dermatology. We love your pets and treat them as a part of our own family. We value the trust that pet-owners put into us, and we appreciate your commitment. That’s why we provide comprehensive yet cost-effective care for each and every pet!

Our History

Silver Leaf Animal Hospital was founded in 1972 by Dr. Robert Briggs, who provided his clients with compassionate care until he retired. In 2015, the practice underwent major renovation and modernization of all equipment, facilities and staff. The goal became to provide the area with the most cutting-edge medicine, surgical techniques and ancillary services in veterinary medicine in the most cost-effective manner possible. Dr. Scott Floyd, also of Moore, OK, became an integral part of the team in 2016. Both doctors are currently working diligently to further the vision of this practice and support the community.

Contact us today at 405-794-7771 for more information about our staff or to request an appointment. And be sure to check out our video updates for additional information about our practice!

Our Doctors

Dr. Scott Floyd

Dr. Scott Floyd’s job is to diagnose and treat pets for a wide variety of illnesses, from itchy dogs and ear infections to major medical and surgical emergencies. He began working at Silver Leaf in Spring 2016. Scott decided to go into the veterinary field because of his love for a childhood dog named Ellie Mae and because his uncle owned a veterinary clinic in Moore, where Scott got to go behind the scenes. His uncle was very well-respected, and Scott wanted to follow in his footsteps. Scott applied to vet school as soon as possible and was accepted on his first attempt. He graduated with a 3.5GPA and passed the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam) on the first attempt. He tried a few vet clinics until he found a way to get back to the people of Moore. Scott and his wife have three dogs, a cat and two children.

Technicians, Assistants & Office

Rachel Oldham, Registered VETERINARY TECHNICIAN

Rachel began working the Silver Leaf office in January 2016. In 2013, after a tornado hit Moore, Rachel volunteered to help the affected animals and loved watching owners reunite with their lost pets. She received a Veterinary Technology degree from Oklahoma State University in 2012. Rachel lives in Norman with her husband and their son, two Dachshunds and two cats. They all enjoy swimming and playing outside.

Skye Housley, Registered VETERINARY TECHNICIAN

Skye Housley started working at Silver Leaf in April 2016. She went to vet tech school and loved it. She enjoys lab work and helping hospital patients, as well as assisting with surgeries and recovery. She has two cats, Jasper and Bella. Skye likes relaxing with her kitties, cooking, knitting and reading.

Emily Robinson, Reception/Assistant

Emily joined the Silver Leaf team in January 2016. She began working as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic while in college, and she found she wanted to be in a more hands-on position, so she trained to work as a vet assistant. Emily is inspired by a time when she helped with a dog’s C-section, and the team thought that all of the puppies had died before being born, but Emily noticed one puppy moving, and the team was able to bring her back to life. Today, Emily and her boyfriend live in Norman with their two dogs and two cats. She loves working with other people who love animals as much as she does.

Jennifer Richmond, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer began working at Silver Leaf in March 2001. She grew up raising livestock, and her aunt worked for a vet, so when Jennifer brought her animals into the office her aunt would let her watch the procedures behind the scenes. She once assisted with a surgery to remove three golf balls a lab had eaten, and the dog survived! Jennifer and her husband live in Moore and have three little girls, and the older two are twins. They are active in their church and with their twins’ sports.

Sandi McLennan, Receptionist

Sandi joined the Silver Leaf team in February 2017. Before, she had worked in the insurance industry, but then she got a job as an office manager at a vet office and fell in love with it. At one time, a father came in with his children’s dog who was hit by a car, and he wanted to euthanize the dog because the cost of an orthopedic surgeon was too much. Sandie and the team convinced him to let the dog stay at the clinic, where they took care of him until he could walk again, and every day the children visited their pet until she could go home again. She loves working with pets and their owners. She and her husband are cat-lovers and have had many cats together.

Kennel & Groomers

Ashely Friedline, Kennel Technician

Ashely joined the Silver Leaf team in March, 2017. When she was in kindergarten, she rescued a kitten out of an empty pool and helped her transform from a fragile kitten to a healthy, happy cat. This inspired Ashely to want to become a veterinary professional. She is planning to pursue a degree in veterinary technology in spring of 2018. She and her husband have five kids, two dogs, two cats and two guinea pigs!

Cheryl Kyle, Kennel Technician

Cheryl began working as a groomer at Silver Leaf in October 2001, after she closed her own grooming business. She understands animals and sometimes thinks she is part-dog herself! Cheryl loves taking care of the animals that board at Silver Leaf and works to make them feel at home. She has been working in the animal grooming business since she was 17. She was born in Kansas City, MO and moved to Oklahoma when she was 10. Cheryl has a house full of kids and grandkids right now and used to have a house full of pets too. Cheryl earned her GED when she was 40 years old.

Dianna Coupe, Cat & Dog Groomer

Dianna began working at Silver Leaf in 2014. Before, she had worked at a vet hospital in Texas, and she enjoyed watching how the groomer transform the dogs. Dianna likes working at Silver Leaf because it is friendly and everyone works together. She was born in Oklahoma City and moved to Florida in 1986. While in Florida, she worked for a vet and together they saved an injured turtle. In 2013 Dianna moved back to Oklahoma, and she has two dogs.