Providing Expert Care for Pets’ Health & Wellbeing

At Silver Leaf Animal Hospital, our number-one concern is your pet’s health and wellness. That’s why we offer a wide range of both preventative and treatment services, to help your best friends live a long and happy life. Our expert veterinary team of animal-lovers always treats your pets with gentle, compassionate care. We proudly serve the pets and pet-owners of Moore, OK and the surrounding areas, and we greatly value the trust you instill in us to care for your animals. We know your pets are an important part of your family, and here at Silver Leaf you will both be treated as part of our family.

Below are some of the high-quality, cost-effective services and treatments we provide:

Routine Examinations

At Silver Leaf Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive examinations for your pets, to ensure they are on the right track for growth and development. At these exams, our experienced team will examine your pet from nose to tail to check for any abnormalities or developing issues. We have a board-certified Internal Medicine Veterinarian available to assist with these exams, as well as tools for advanced diagnostics, such as digital x-ray technology.

For each individual pet we will create and complete a health risk assessment, and we will devise a wellness and prevention plan. This plan will include long-acting, safe heartworm, flea and tick prevention and comprehensive parasite prevention. In addition, we can complete bloodwork (using IDEXX blood analyzers) and urine screenings in-house if we feel it is necessary. We also will provide the necessary prescriptions, at the time of exam, or you can purchase using our VetSource online pharmacy.


We utilize several advanced diagnostic tools, including:


Ultrasound technology is a safe, comfortable and noninvasive tool that allows us to view your pet’s internal organs so we can catch any abnormalities as soon as possible, providing the greatest chance for treatment success.


Radiology, or as most people know it x-ray is an integral part of our clinic. We can use this to seen bone structure, some foreign ingested objects and many other things. Silver Leaf Animal Hospital also has the ability to connect with a board-certified Radiologist.


We can handle almost all veterinary surgical needs, from low-cost spay and neuter procedures, to emergency soft tissue surgery, to advanced orthopedic surgery. We provide anesthetics and advanced anesthetic monitoring for your pet’s health and safety. Our team utilizes the latest techniques and tools to provide careful, gentle and effective surgical procedures.


Vaccinations are an important component of your pet’s wellness plan. They protect pets from contracting potentially fatal yet completely preventable diseases. We use a modern, safe 3-year vaccination protocol to best enable your pet to ward off disease and illness.

Dermatology & Ear Infections

Our specialty at Silver Leaf Animal Hospital is dermatology and ear infection treatment. We carry the most advanced anti-itch medications available, and we approach these problems from a global, well-rounded perspective. Our team strives to identify and treat the root problem that is causing the irritation, to prevent skin or ear issues from recurring. Whether your pet is suffering from allergies or an infection, we have the tools and medications to resolve the problem and ensure your pet is feeling comfortable.


Because we believe that dental health is an important part of overall health for a pet, we offer a very safe and affordable dental cleaning. We can also provide dental x-rays, and we have the expertise necessary to perform treatments, such as extractions, that resolve the majority of dental issues.

For more information about the services we provide, or to request an appointment, contact us today at 405-794-7771. We look forward to providing you and your pet with excellent care! And be sure to check out our video updates to keep track of everything going on at Silver Leaf.