Keeping Your Pet Safe This Fall

As the cooler breezes and colorful foliage of autumn start to take root, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. There are several hazards to be aware of this time of year! Learn how to keep your pet safe in this article from a South Oklahoma City, OK veterinarian.

Pesticide Products

When temperatures drop, insects and small rodents sometimes invade our homes to seek warmth. We often combat the issue with pesticides, but keep in mind that many of these products are poisonous—not only to the pests they’re designed to kill, but to our animal companions as well! Place pesticides in areas where pets can’t reach, and consider non-toxic alternatives for improved safety.

Wild Animals

Snakes are a particular danger this time of year, since they’re preparing to hibernate for the winter and can prove extra grumpy because of it. An unsuspecting pet that comes across a snake is at risk for getting bitten! Other critters like opossums and raccoons can also pose a threat. Always supervise your animal friend closely while on outdoor walks.

School Supplies

If you have young kids, it’s important to keep an eye on their school supplies as they prepare to return to classes. Many common school items—glue, markets, pencils, scissors, etc.—can cause harm to a pet if they manage to ingest them. Don’t leave such products lying about on the floor where a pet may be able to gain access.

Portable Heaters

As the weather takes a chillier turn, you might set up portable heating devices around your home. Be sure to keep a close eye on your pet, because it presents a burn hazard if they get too close or swipe an errant tail near the heat source.

Toxic Mushrooms and Plants

Autumn is peak mushroom season; although the vast majority of wild mushrooms aren’t toxic, it’s not worth taking a chance! Even benign mushroom varieties might be sprayed with chemicals or fertilizers that you don’t want your pet ingesting. Also beware of other toxic plants and flowers, like dieffenbachia, elephant ear, lilies, rhododendron, and certain aloe plants. Ask your vet what sort of toxic plant life is common in your area.

Would you like further advice on keeping your pet safe as the fall season continues? We’re here to help with all of your animal-care needs! Schedule an appointment with your South Oklahoma City, OK vet’s office.

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