How to Maintain Your Dog’s Dental Health

How are your dog’s pearly whites looking? Dental issues are quite common amongst our canine companions! Below, your South Oklahoma City, OK veterinarian tells you about a few easy ways to maintain your dog’s dental health over time.

Great Diet and Fresh Water

One of the simplest ways to keep Fido’s mouth healthy is to feed him a high-quality diet. This way, he’s receiving all of the essential nutrients for healthy teeth and gums. Fresh water is another important step; not only is water absolutely critical for a healthy lifestyle, it helps to clean out the mouth and wash away food particles, grime, and loose plaque.

Would you like a recommendation on what food to feed your dog? Call your vet’s office today.

Mouth Check-Ups

Sit down with your dog about once a week to examine the mouth. With one hand, gently peel back your pup’s lips to expose the teeth and gums. Look for anything abnormal, such as redness and swelling, bleeding, or cracked teeth. If you find something that concerns you, it’s time to give your veterinarian a call.

Brushing Sessions

Did you know that you can brush your dog’s teeth? All you’ll need is a canine-formulated toothpaste, a toothbrush made specifically for dogs, and a bit of patience. Start by introducing your dog to the paste, allowing him to get familiar with the taste and smell. Gently rub a bit of the paste over his teeth with your finger, then slowly introduce the brush. Over time, you’ll be able to work your way around to all teeth in the mouth for an effective clean!

Chew Toys

Chew toys have an added benefit aside from providing your pooch with hours of fun. They help to give the teeth and gums a workout, and they scrape away much of the loose plaque on your dog’s outer tooth surfaces, removing it before it can harden into problematic tartar. Ensure that your dog has access to plenty of high-quality chew toys at all times.

Professional Cleanings

There’s simply no substitute for a professional deep-clean at your vet’s office. The dental prophylaxis procedure involves an intensive cleaning and polishing that works to keep your pet’s mouth healthy for years to come. If you would like more information on the procedure, or if you’re ready to set up an appointment for your dog’s next cleaning, contact your vet in South Oklahoma City, OK.

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